I made 340 000 views on social media in January

The plan Beginning of the year, I raised myself a goal – 1 million views by the end of 2023 on social media. 50% of that on LinkedIn and 50% of that on other platforms. The results January has ended, and it’s time to reflect on how my plan compares to actuals. On LinkedIn – […]

How to create price heatmap easily?

I recently analyzed real estate advertisements and thought about how to better visualize the data. One idea I had was how to create price heatmap? I tried using PowerBI and Excel, but the results were unsatisfactory because the algorithms didn’t understand addresses well enough. I didn’t have time to convert a lot of address data […]

How to get a list of all possible words in a language?

The problem I have a hobby project dienos-zodis.lt, which is a popular Wordle game alternative in Lithuanian. It has about 1000 daily players. The idea is simple: players need to guess a daily word in 7 tries, and with each guess, correct and incorrect letters and their placements in the word are revealed. The game […]

Data analyst tries to sell his house

Data analytics can improve advertising performance. I am selling my house, but have received just a few calls and visits. I know, that the real estate market is currently not doing well: real estate transactions last month were at their lowest level since 2019. It is likely that January and February will be even worse […]

Which data and analytic tools are the best?

I hear these questions a lot. People often spend a lot of time and effort trying to choose the best tool or technology, but this can be a mistake. It’s true that like buying a car, choosing the right tool or technology is an important decision and should be done wisely. But it’s important to […]