Antanas Baltrušaitis

How to create price heatmap easily?

I recently analyzed real estate advertisements and thought about how to better visualize the data. One idea I had was how to create price heatmap? I tried using PowerBI and Excel, but the results were unsatisfactory because the algorithms didn’t understand addresses well enough. I didn’t have time to convert a lot of address data to coordinates.

Then I remembered that Google has its own business intelligence solution called “Looker Studio,” which used to be called “Google Data Studio.” It’s a fairly basic tool for basic data visualization and integration, but it has an amazing heatmap function. It understands addresses very well and the visualization is both attractive and informative. Give it a try for yourself: (if integration does not work, go here)

Making chart is super-easy.

  1. Import the data. I had very simple dataset: address+squaremeter price (I used “median” as agregation tool):

    2. Insert Heatmap visual:

    3. Move address to Location and Sqm price to Weight:
    4. Done 🙂

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