Antanas Baltrušaitis

I made 340 000 views on social media in January

The plan

Beginning of the year, I raised myself a goal – 1 million views by the end of 2023 on social media. 50% of that on LinkedIn and 50% of that on other platforms.

My 2023 plan was posted on LinkedIn

The results

January has ended, and it’s time to reflect on how my plan compares to actuals.

2023 January results

On LinkedIn – I was in line with the plan, slightly exceeded by 13%. But on other media, specifically Reddid – it exploded, I have reached almost 300 000 views instead of the planned 40 000. Seems, people are interested in popular statistics.

What was the most popular content?

  1. Illegal content analysis on Torrent websites. Reddit 62k views.
  2. Supermarket comparison LinkedIn 8.4k views. Reddit 50k views.
  3. Exports to Russia grew compared to the last year. LinkedIn 6.3k views
  4. How to create a real estate price heatmap. LinkedIn 5k views
  5. Largest employers in Lithuania. Reddit 35k views. LinkedIn 4.4k views.
  6. Highest salaries in the market. Reddit 36k views. LinkedIn 3.7k views.


The main objective is to establish a brand on LinkedIn, and this was in line with the target. To my surprise, I gained significant popularity on Reddit, where each post on average receives 8 times more views than on LinkedIn. The behavior of the social networks is different; on Reddit, most views are instant and stop accumulating after 24 hours, while on LinkedIn, views continue to accumulate even a week after the post is published.

On LinkedIn, I have acquired new followers, with approximately 70 in January, compared to only 2 on Reddit where few people follow others.

I have attempted to use TikTok and Youtube Shorts but was not successful and have not continued using them. I am also posting on Twitter, but so far, I have only received 45 views and one follower in a month.

Let’s see what February will bring 🙂

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