Data and analytics expert

I am Antanas Baltrušaitis, a BI Generalist and Data Analytics Expert. I deliver impactful insights through comprehensive end-to-end analytics solutions.

BI development

Still spending time on manual reporting? Let me automate it for you.

Data analysis

Facing an analytics challenge? I'll analyze your data and provide insights to enhance your bottom line.

Business strategy consulting

Need a business strategy or financial plan? I'm here to assist.

Data engineering

Data fragmented across multiple sources? Allow me to design the optimal data warehouse for you.


Hello, I’m Antanas Baltrušaitis, an accomplished business and data analyst with over 14 years of experience. I specialize in delivering impactful business insights and crafting comprehensive analytic solutions, which encompass data integration, report automation, analytic tool and calculator creation, as well as BI and database development.

I pride myself on being an analytics generalist. This means I’m as comfortable discussing business strategies with CEOs as I am deliberating optimal data architectures with data engineers. My passion lies in exploring a diverse array of topics, from sales management, financial planning, and analysis, to risk and pricing analytics, customer behavior modeling, segmentation, and HR analytics. My approach covers the entire delivery process: from in-depth business analysis to solution development and user training.

I view myself as a one-stop solution for all analytics-related inquiries. I’ll pinpoint your primary business challenges and then select and craft the optimal solution to address them.

While I may not claim mastery in one singular skill, I pride myself on possessing a diverse array of strong talents

Technical skills
QlikView, QlikSense
Business skills
Business and data analysis
Data engineering
Project management
Agile Scrum
Business strategy

I am analytics generalist

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.” 

— Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love


Specializes in one technology and (or) business area. Extremely skilled in a narrow field. Good for: specific problem, when solution technique is known. A bigger team is needed to succeed.


Explores and tries different tools and techniques, and works in different business areas. Very wide knowledge scope. Good for: exploration, prototyping and choosing the best solution (creative problem solving).

Creative solutions

With my broad skill set, I have the versatility to approach any problem from multiple perspectives.

End-to-end delivery

I thrive on end-to-end deliveries, taking projects from mere ideas to fully-realized solutions in production.

Rapid prototyping

Unsure about the best solution? No worries. We can explore all options and select the most effective one.


I'm adept at adapting to your technical stack, understanding your business nuances, and aligning with your work methods.

Brief career path

For more details, visit my LinkedIn page.

2023 January
Scoris is born

Recognizing a gap in the market for high-quality products and competition, I developed 'Scoris,' a comprehensive Lithuanian business database and platform dedicated to business data analysis.

2021 - 2023
Seeking independence

I chose to share my expertise with a broader audience as an independent consultant, leading to the birth of Explico. Since its inception, I've successfully completed numerous BI development, data analytics, and tool development projects for industry heavyweights. Decided not to purse independent consultant career and focus my efforts on building Scoris.

2020 - 2023
Back to the roots

"My tenure in leadership was invaluable. However, I realized that my strengths lie more in analysis than diplomacy. Consequently, I stepped down from the leadership role and joined Luminor. Here, as a BI product owner, I continue to assist businesses in obtaining data, insights, and reports.

Building leadership competences

It was a natural progression for me to transition into leadership roles:

  • Head of Data and Analytics at Luminor: Here, I laid the groundwork for customer reporting and analytics in the aftermath of a merger.

  • Head of Management Reporting Analytics at Girteka: In this capacity, I enhanced BI stability, established BI delivery processes, and improved both planning and quarterly reporting procedures.

Advancing my career

I took on the role of Senior Strategy Analyst for Nordea Baltic Countries, working directly within the CEO's team. My primary role was to shape Nordea's Baltic strategy through data-driven insights. By delving deeply into various business sectors, I proposed actionable improvements, many of which positively impacted the bottom line. Additionally, I lent analytical support to strategic projects, including M&A and due diligence.

2008 - 2013
Establishing my Career
  • I began my journey at Swedbank Asset Management as a Market Risk Analyst. There, I assessed the effectiveness of portfolio managers using the portfolio attribution method.
  • Subsequently, I moved to Nordea Lithuania in the capacity of a Business Analyst. My responsibilities encompassed market and competitor analysis, financial analysis, and eventually extended to capital and pricing management.


I successfully implemented a Power BI-based BI solution from the ground up in two medium-sized companies. This involved analyzing business requirements, understanding data sources, and crafting a tailored data model along with comprehensive dashboards.

I developed the comprehensive Lithuanian business database, This project entailed business development, integrating data from over 100 public sources into a single, structured, and clean database about all Lithuanian legal entities. Additionally, I took charge of front-end development and design.

I designed a fund management tool that aggregates data on asset positions, movements, and cash flows. This tool intelligently generates optimal buy/sell transactions to align portfolios with their strategic allocation.

I developed a staff budget forecast tool that projects future scenarios by factoring in staff turnover, career progression, and individual performance metrics.

I constructed an optimal route model for a major trucking company, covering the entire EU at the NUTS2 level, and it’s grounded in actual data.

Created Lithuanian Wordle game version Dienos žodis

The examples provided are just a snapshot of my recent individual and consultancy projects. Please reach out for a deeper dive into more case studies.

People I worked with about me

Antanas, has exceptional set of analytic thinking and speed, which fueled by ability to grasp different topics and big data sets, makes him unbeatable in strategic, customer or financial analysis. At the same time he has good skills to make analysis results understandable for the target audience, doesn’t matter if it is top management or operational team.
Vaidotas Lenktys
CEO, Finėjas
Antanas enjoys solving problems, analyzing issues, and understanding what (and why!) is going. All the clear and understandable conclusions was always followed by the problem solving suggestions.
Vilius Kucinas
Finance manager, Girteka
Antanas has an ability to see forest behind trees, to transform data into information and information into insight. His analyses and reports were always easy to read, understand and conclude. With his systematic and logic approach Antanas was also valuable team member - easy to work together, always looking for possibilities to develop himself and others, driving for excellence.
Kristina Siimar
COO, Taavet+Sten