• The biggest project - I am the founder of Scoris, a Lithuanian business database.
  • I have developed, deployed (from scratch), and currently maintain BI solutions in multiple small to mid-size organizations (Gym+, Medexy), including DWH and BI development.
  • I am running the Lithuanian Wordle alternative, Dienos žodis.
  • Career progression and budget forecast model - I developed a staff budget forecast tool that projects future scenarios by factoring in staff turnover, career progression, and individual performance metrics.
  • Optimal route model - I constructed an optimal route model for a major trucking company, covering the entire EU at the NUTS2 level, and it’s grounded in actual data.
  • Fund management tool - I designed a fund management tool that aggregates data on asset positions, movements, and cash flows. This tool intelligently generates optimal buy/sell transactions to align portfolios with their strategic allocations.

The examples provided are just a snapshot of my recent individual and consultancy projects. Please reach out for a deeper dive into more case studies.